Blog Application in Django

Hey People!. So summers are around, and it has been quite sometime since I got into studying blogs about this awesome python web framework known as django. I have had some friends who worked on it, and they too found it quite simple, yet a powerful tool to carry out certain tasks quickly. So I decided to try to learn and build something out of it. I followed tutorials on YouTube, referred sites like StackOverflow and even the official documentation.

So there it was, I built a simple blogging application which allows users to create a profile and create some posts. I added a feature so that the users could upload images along with their posts apart from their profile picture and they could reset their password too. I used Django crispy forms for all of the form related stuff (like registering users, login form, post-create/post-update forms). After I had built my models, I used Amazon S3 to store my files uploaded on the application by the users. The app is hosted on heroku and uses postgresql on the backend and Material Design Bootstrap on the front-end. I followed this awesome tutorial series on YouTube by Corey Schafer.

Needless to mention, there are considerable amount of changes to the code, (as I decided to design the application in my way). The github repository for the entire code can be found below.

The Live App is as follows:

Feel free to use the app and let your friends use it too! and if you find this article/code useful, do give it some claps!


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