Final Project — Java Full Stack

So, I joined IBM in the month of June, this year and was pretty much excited, but I never ever, ever ever imagined this was going to be the toughest training I have undergone till date!😂😢.

So there I was in Stackroute, Kormangala, for my training in Java Full Stack. Our entire batch was divided into 3 teams. Each team had to develop and deploy a product in the end. For my team, the product was — an easy to use and pluggable Helpdesk System. One of the teams in our batch had to develop an app call Umove(basically a bike renting system). So our team, had the task of integrating our helpdesk system with the Umove team.

We decided to name our app as “Nikolaj”(which means victory to the people). So we developed the app using Spring boot as backend and Angular in the frontend. Below is a concise description of our app.

The main motive of our app was to help the services elevate their profits over a period of time by eliminating the need to maintain customer support representatives. This can achieved gradually as the bot gets trained to resolve the user’s queries by executing commands.

Following is the architecture diagram of our app:

Architecture diagram for Nikolaj

The technologies used in this project are:

P.S. The final product was deployed on AWS VM, which at present, is not active (as the VMs were assigned to the respective teams only for deployment and one time demonstration purposes).

Following is the code for this project. Do give it a star, if you like it!

Following are some of the glimpses from the day of our presentation:

The Graduation Day!

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